Are you enthusiastic about happiness and interested in finding ways to promote it in your workplace and in life generally? Would you like to spend time learning more about finnish happiness and put it into practice? We are always looking for people and organizations to network and collaborate with. Please feel free to get in touch and make a stellar proposal!

Current opportunities:

Learn the secrets of Finnish Happiness – webinar. Based on our ongoing happiness research efforts we offer a webinar with 6 practical exercises to enhance happiness in the everyday context of life. The evidence-based and science backed exercises are yours to keep. Our goal is to share the secrets of finnish happiness with as many people as we can.

Learn the Secrets of Finnish Happiness – webinar: 2290€ + VAT.

Through our collaboration with Experience Happiness we can now offer The Happiness PracticeTM both for individuals and for organizations. We believe that reducing stress and learning new happiness skills can benefit anyone, but it is particularly important in growth and success minded enterprises and in start-up companies.

THP is a journey in which participants learn and practice The 5 Principles of HappinessTM and use the Return On HappinessTM measurement system to assess and review their personal progress and results. The benefits of THP are compounding; therefore, results are tracked and reported at group and organizational levels as well. THP improves physical, behavioral and mental wellbeing while measurably increasing performance on all levels.

Individual THPTM Coaching: 2480€ + VAT / person.

Individual THPTM Coaching is done over the internet for a total of 6 months, allowing plenty of time to learn new patterns of thinking and acting. You get the support of your certified THP Coach to solve the everyday challenges successfully by applying the 5 principles of happiness.

Business THPTM Coaching: 1987€ + VAT / person. Individual, team and organization level Return On HappinessTM measures are included in the price and there is an opportunity to add questions that are unique to your organization.

Business THPTM Coaching is done over the internet in groups of 10-12 participants for a total of 6 months, so there is plenty of time to both learn new happiness skills and to see the concrete benefits for the individual, team and whole organization of implementing those skills into real life situations. Feel free to ask for a free consultation with us!

    Volunteer with us:

    We offer many opportunities to volunteer in interesting projects. We operate in an open network, in a quite agile way, constantly learning by doing and creating the basis for a completely new kind of operating culture, where opportunities and paths to the new are seen instead of problems. We look at different phenomena boldly from a whole new persperctive! For us asking questions outside the box is a good thing. Our goal is to increase happiness, vitality and competitiveness. In an uncertain world, happiness in its various forms creates a real competitive advantage!

    We are currently seeking: research assistants & content producers for our social media platforms.