We are so excited and proud of our country Finland as it has been chosen as the happiest country in the world in the annual World Happiness Report for a fourth time in a row . We are definitely doing something right! We know from earlier research that Finns love of the outdoors and nature may indeed play a crucial role in Finnish happiness. Family and friends, as well as trust in each other and in the society at large plays a big role too.

We are curious about what Finnish happiness is really about and our first mission is to understand Finnish happiness better through existing research and through our own research efforts. For example currently we are studying Finnish CEO┬┤s and their experience of happiness to see what role happiness plays in business success. Secondly we want to spread the good news and help as many people, organizations and businesses as we possibly can to flourish and thrive with us.

We are ready to ask crazy questions as naive experts and to find new solutions to pressing problems and promote out-of-the-box consepts to create wellness and happiness where ever we go.