We are attending the IPPA2021 Congress

This week is going to be so inspiring to us! Even though the summer is at its best here in Finland this week we are glued to our laptops and enjoying the amazing set up of the International Positive Psychology World Congress (IPPA2021).

We have already attended some of the pre-congress workshops where we have been able to get updated with the latest findings in the field of positive psychology and connect with others who share our enthusiasm. It feels absolutely fantastic!

In the coming days we will feel like kids in a candy store picking up the juiciest lectures and workshops from the program. We cannot wait to see and hear for example Life Stories and Human Flourishing: integrating narrative and positive psychology in therapy and coaching by Margarita Tarragona or This is your brain on wellbeing by Christian Waugh or The influence of dispositional gratitude and optimism on health and wellbeing in daily life by David Newman and so many more!

Our own study “Wellbeing of CEOs – both happy and stressed at the same time” will be presented in the Gallery Presentations as follows

  1. July 15, 21:00  (EDT)
  2. July 16, 10:15  (EDT)
  3. July 17, 8:30 (EDT)

The Congress Program can be viewed here: www.ippaworldcongress.org/program

If you are attending the congress, let’s connect!