A fantastic workshop day in the heart of Finnish nature !

Are you longing for a different kind of workplace well-being day? Here’s an example worth trying! Take your leadership team into nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the office, just like Unity did with its international leadership team.

Here’s how the day went:

The team arrived in the spring sunshine at the beautiful Nuuksio National Park, just a 30-minute drive from Helsinki. Host Pekka had prepared a cozy campfire in the middle of a traditional hut.

We started the “Succeeding sustainably” workshop by the crackling fire. Midway through, we took a break to prepare dinner, delicious grilled salmon over an open fire, and then continued the workshop in the hut.

In small groups, we discussed how to utilize elements of Finnish happiness, such as trust and psychological safety, in our own teams.

The workshop ended with a delightful dinner, followed by relaxation in the sauna and refreshing dips in the icy lake.

Why you should try this:

🌲 Nature, an essential part of Finnish happiness and well-being,

➡️ boosts creativity and problem-solving skills

➡️ reduces stress and lowers blood pressure

➡️ strengthens the immune system

💡 Taking the team out of their usual environment opens pathways to new perspectives and ideas 🤝 Relaxed togetherness builds trust and compassion

Would you like a similar experience for your team, for example in the Helsinki metropolitan area or Pirkanmaa? Drop me a message at miia@miiahuitti.fi